Nov 12, 2011

An Australian teenager has been banned from Facebook after he allegedly made threats to his former girlfriend online.

The unique conditions imposed by the court on the 17-year-old boy are believed to be an Australian first as police said they were seeing more complaints about offensive comments on social networking sites.

Police claimed that the teen threatened to shoot the 15-year-old in the face and bury her in a 2m hole in a poem he wrote and posted on the social networking site this month.

He was bailed on the conditions that he would not use electronic media, including Facebook, Twitter and MySpace, and would not go to Swan Hill except to attend court or see a counsellor.

The magistrate also ordered the boy not to use his mobile phone or a computer.

The pair ended their relationship because the boy believed the girl cheated on him.

Leading cyber safety expert Susan McLean said she believed a Facebook ban ... BNN
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