Dec 19, 2011

This week Daniel Craig is debuting a performance as a man highly unsuited to action heroics, the womanizing journalist Mikael Blomkvist in The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. Fans of the book or the original Swedish movie know that MIkael winds up getting rescued by his partner Lisbeth Salander more often than not, but the fun part of Craig's casting is that we all already know him in another role entirely, as the highly capable and ever-ready James Bond. Craig has another Bond adventure coming up next year with the currently shooting Skyfall, but don't take Dragon Tattoo as a sign that he's moving on-- according to THR, Craig could play the spy five more times.

Franchise producer Michael G. Wilson apparently told a Sunday newspaper called The People, "Filming has gone very well [on Skyfall] and I'd love Daniel to surpass Roger's [Moore] record and do eight pictures." That doesn't seem to be any ironclad promise, and it's unclear if Craig is even in negotiations for such a long-term commitment, but the actor hasn't shown any interest in moving on, and it's not inconceivable that he'd stick around, especially if the production schedule on the films picks up. There was a three-year gap between the release of Quantum of Solace and the start of production on Skyfall; at that rate Craig could be nearing 60 by the time he shot his last Bond film, and might be a bit unconvincing as the super spy.

It doesn't seem likely Craig will commit to a deal before production on Skyfall ends, but in the meantime we can take Wilson's very public enthusiasm as a good sign-- and when Skyfall comes to theaters next November, we'll hopefully get proof that we want Craig to play Bond as long as possible.

 Author: Katey Rich
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