Dec 13, 2011

LIÈGE, Belgium — Belgian officials said that a deadly attack on Tuesday in the eastern city of Liège had been carried out by a lone gunman who lobbed grenades and fired off rounds that left him and at least three other people dead and at least 75 wounded. Earlier reports had indicated the presence of multiple attackers.

At a news conference in the city, Belgium’s third largest, the prosecutor’s office said there was only one attacker and that he died at the scene.

A motive for the attack was not immediately known though the Interior Ministry said it was not related to terrorism. Officials said the attacker, identified in Belgian media reports as Nordine Amrani, had served time for drug and gun offenses, The Associated Press reported, and that he was to appear before police for questioning on Tuesday.

The attack took place just after noon in the central Saint Lambert square, a hub for bus traffic, and the site of a main courthouse building and a seasonal Christmas market. Witnesses told Belgian media that the attack was centered around a bus stop filled with people, with the assailant hurling explosives from a platform above a bakery.
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