Dec 8, 2011

Singer Lady Gaga thinks she is a 'gypsy' at heart.

The 'Marry The Night' hitmaker - who is yet to purchase her own home - admitted she is still 'homeless' because she thinks it would be a 'waste of money' to splash out on a property when she spends most of her time on tour.

She explained: 'I'm a gypsy, you know. I can't plan my life out like that so much. Then I think well, gosh what a waste of money to buy a place and I'm on the road.

'Even though it might not seem like a big deal because I'm a pop singer or whatever it still hurts to hand over that much. It's a lot of money.'

However, it isn't just home ownership that worries the 25-year-old singer, as she explained she had to get 'completely wasted' after she filed her last ... Skynews
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