Dec 3, 2011

Imagine, if you will, what the worst day of Lady Gaga's life might have been like.

Maybe her bra accidentally set her "haus" on fire. Maybe she forgot to leave the house without pants. Or maybe she just misplaced her Bedazzler.

Nope, nope - and as she makes perfectly explicit in her new video, Marry the Night, that last item certainly didn't happen.

Yes, Marry the Night, the latest video from Gaga's Born This Way, debuted last night, premiering (through legitimate means) on E! but surfacing online some time prior, and as Gaga had been teasing in the weeks before its arrival, the music video - if you want to call a 13-minute film such a thing - depicts "one of the worst days of her life."

Leaked images of Calvin Klein-clad mental wards and heavy-metal dance studios may have caused some confusion as to what the awful, terrible, very-bad thing Gaga experienced may have been, but ... Vancouversun
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