Dec 21, 2011

An Illinois man who reportedly posted a picture of his daughter bound and gagged with duct tape on Facebook was charged Tuesday with aggravated domestic battery, according to reports.

Chicago resident Andre Curry, 21, allegedly posted the photo of his one-year-old daughter with the accompanying message, "This is wut happens wen my baby hits me back. ; )." The picture, which shows a girl with blue tape covering her mouth and wrapped around her wrists and ankles, has been removed from Curry's Facebook profile, according to reports.

The photo was published by and other websites before it was taken down. It can be seen with the girl's face partially obscured in a report published Wednesday by the Chicago Sun-Times.

Chicago police said they had been notified of the photo on Dec. 14, when they began investigating Curry. The Sun-Times reported that several of the suspect's Facebook friends had responded negatively to the photo in comments on his profile, with one calling him a "nasty dirty child abuser." Another commenter claimed she had notified the Illinois Department of Child and Family Services (DCFS) about the picture and pointed the child protection agency to the suspect's Facebook profile.

A DCFS spokesperson told the newspaper that the agency is investigating the case. Curry was expected to make a court appearance Wednesday on the aggravated domestic battery charge, the Sun-Times reported.

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