Dec 7, 2011

Micro-blogging site Twitter has revealed the most popular topics for tweets in 2011 -- egypt and tigerblood. The first refers to the unrest in Egypt and the second to a comment made by actor Charlie Sheen following his sacking from a hit US comedy.

The hashtag is used to group together tweets relating to the same subject.

Sheen made the headlines in 2011 for a series of public rants that culminated with the comment to online celebrity gossip site RadarOnline: 'My fangs are dripping tiger blood.'

He joined Twitter and had one million followers in the first 24 hours of his sacking, believed to be a record for the site, BBC reported.

He used the site to comment on the dispute between him and the producers of the 'Two And A Half Men' show.

Twitter also released details about the hottest topics in a range of subjects, including the most talked about actors, countries and ... BNN 
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