Jan 15, 2012

Many marijuana sellers in Hollywood are reportedly selling a strain of the drug called 'OG Blue Ivy', named after the much hyped newborn daughter of Beyonce Knowles and Jay-Z.

The girl, Blue Ivy Carter, was born to her singer parents on January 7 this year, in a hospital in New York.

According to Tmz.com, multiple marijuana dispensaries in Hollywood are making a buck off of the new celebrity 'it' baby, by selling a new strain of the drug called 'OG Blue Ivy', the New York Daily News reported.

However, so far none of the dispensaries have received any sort of legal notice from the couple.

Beyonce and Jay-Z will also be making some money off their first child.

Jay-Z released a song called 'Glory,' in which he sings about Blue Ivy. In the song, his baby girl's cries can be heard in the background.
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