Feb 5, 2012

In a Super Bowl weekend record, two movies -- "Chronicle" and "The Woman in Black" -- opened to more than $20 million at the domestic box office this weekend.

"Chronicle" grossed an estimated $22 million and CBS Films' "Woman in Black" took an estimated $21 million.

Considering that Super Bowl weekend is traditionally weak and that studios had figured the two PG-13 movies would take in about half what they did, the numbers are especially striking.

While Fox and CBS had reason to cheer, Universal was less fortunate.

The studio's "Big Miracle" pulled in $8.5 million -- in line with expectations, and enough to make it the No. 4 movie at the box office, but not especially impressive for a $40 million movie.

Fox spent about $12 million to make "Chronicle," a found footage action film about a group of high school friends who develop superpowers. CBS picked up domestic distribution rights for "The Woman in Black," about a young lawyer who travels to a remote village where he encounters the ghost of a scornful woman, for $3 million.

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