Oct 7, 2012

Facebook's user growth has remained remarkably steady over time.
(Credit: Graph by Ben Parr/CNET )

Social network may already have a billion users, but that doesn't mean its growth is slowing down.

Many people believe Facebook's growth is slowing down, but the raw numbers seem to tell a different story.

The world's largest social network recently celebrated a major milestone: 1 billion monthly active users. It took the company eight years -- or more specifically 105 months -- to reach the historic mark.

The milestone made me curious: is Facebook's growth stalling, or does it still have some fight in it left? Could Facebook reach 1.1 billion users early next year? What about 1.5 billion users in four? Two billion users in eight?

In order to better understand Facebook's user growth, I decided to analyze the ... read more

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