Dec 1, 2012

A Mexican Indie band has created a music video using only still photos taken on popular photo sharing app Instagram.

Mexico City-based band The Plastics Revolution made the video for their song, Invasion.

"The use of Instagram, it's something some people don't believe in as a social media tool or as a photography application, but I think this project shows if you really use something you can really get something out of it," said Julio Gudino, who does guitar and lead vocals for The Plastics Revolution.

According to ABC news, the four-minute video took about five months to produce from start to finish.

It comprises of still images entirely produced through Instagram by San Francisco photographer Arturo Perez.

"The initial idea came because I really like Instagram. I think it's a way to be creative all the time," the report quoted Perez, as saying.

"No matter if you're going to the grocery store or the park with your friends, there's always a way to be creative," he added.
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