Dec 17, 2011

British actor and comedian Alan Davies has alleged that a Qantas steward told him to 'F-k off' during a flight from Bangkok to London.

Davies, who features in ABC's Q1 show, tweeted that the steward made his two-year old daughter cry for playing in the 1st class toilets, and told him to 'F-k off' when he later complained about the incident during the journey.

"Life in qantas town. A steward made my 2 yr old cry after turfing her out of a '1st class' toilet and told me to 'f-k off' when I complained," The Herald Sun quoted Davies, as saying on Twitter.

"I was actually holding my crying two year old girl in my arms when the qantas steward told me to f-k off. Made for a less enjoyable journey," he added.

Davies has also asked his Twitter followers if they knew the name and address of the Qantas CEO.

"Our official position on the @alandavies1 situation is this: it's a misunderstanding. We told the person next to him to f-k off," a person claiming to be Qantas CEO Alan Joyce tweeted.

Davies said Qantas Chief Steward did not believe the incident and argued with him over it and made his daughter cry again.

QI host Stephen Fry had also tweeted about Qantas after his plane was forced to land with engine trouble in Dubai.

"Bugger. Forced to land in Dubai. An engine has decided not to play," he had tweeted.
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