Jan 7, 2012

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have spent their fair share of time canoodling on beaches, from Mexico to Hawaii. But, earlier this week, Bieber's girlfriend was noticeably absent during his time on the sand at Venice Beach in Los Angeles. The "Baby" singer may have been missing Gomez (although he was still all smiles!), but the swarm of bikini-clad girls who surrounded him that day definitely were not.

Wearing a blue baseball cap, black swim trunks, and a white tank top that coincidentally read, "The Endless Summer," based on the classic surfing documentary from the '60s, Bieber was caught laughing with his newfound group of female Beliebers, as Daily Mail reports. The girls were sporting all measures of skimpy beach wear—from a mismatched leopard bandeau paired with a lacy blue bikini bottom to other strange mash-ups. But their own unusual fashion moments didn't seem to bother them or Bieber, who good-naturedly posed for plenty of smartphone pictures, even standing arm in arm with a few of the ladies.

What did Selena Gomez think?! Nothing of it, probably. After all, the starlet has her own gaggle of fans and knows that Justin Bieber has to humor his own Bieber Fever set. Plus the hot couple is now apparently enjoying their own private beach time, as they reportedly arrived in sunny Mexico on Friday.

The other big news about Justin Bieber's beach "romp" (other than the father-son time with his dad Jeremy Bieber) was the 17-year-old's new bit of ink on the back of his left calf: a sizeable tattoo of Jesus that was spotted right under the hem of his swim trunks. While this isn't the only piece of body art Bieber has, this tattoo is perhaps the most noticeable and over-the-top. Hopefully Selena Gomez approves of this one and Bieber doesn't regret his leg art later!

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